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Serving the Newport-Mesa area in Orange County, California, we at Bella Luce offer the most effective and most relaxing facials and chemical peels. And they’re really affordable too!

We use only premium products for our facials, delivering noticeable results in a single treatment and even more breathtaking results over time. Most of our facials are complete treatments and include massage, décolleté treatment and extractions. These are just a few of the facialsoffered:

Skin Rejuvenation Facial- 60 Mins/$90

A deep pore cleansing facial prepares the skin for the perfect treatment personalized to your specific needs.  Let our three-step “fruitzyme” exfoliators smooth and polish the skin- the first step towards healthier skin!  Digesting and lifting away dead skin cells, the benefit-giving compounds of cherry and pomegranate nurture skin tissue to build and strengthen. Skin will have a rosy glow, feel alive, fresh, and look years younger.

Acne Facial with Extractions- 60 Mins/$90

This facial is perfect for treating acne and particularly oily skin. With the aid of exfoliating fruit enzymes to help soften and digest black-heads and pimples, extractions are a breeze. Providing just the right balance to help clear the appearance of even the toughest skin issues while supporting the skin with valuable antioxidants, this facial will begin to heal your acne and prepare your skin for stronger acid peels.

Deluxe Hydration Facial- 60 Mins/$100

Great for all skin types in need of extra hydration, this treatment begins with a thorough cleanse of the skin, followed by a hydrating toner. A hydrating cranberry enzyme exfoliation smooths and hydrates the skin while removing the buildup of dead skin cells. Extractions can be performed according to your customized needs. A plumping hydrating serum penetrates the skin with a microcurrent ionization tool. A nourishing serum is massaged into the skin and a collagen mask is applied to seal in all that wonderful hydration. While your skin soaks up the nourishment, we massage your hands, arms, neck and shoulders for the full pampered experience. The end result is a completely replenished and hydrated complexion that positively glows.

Skin Bright Facial – 60 Mins/$100

Brighten your skin and diminish sun damage with this fabulous treatment! Begin with a lactic acid cleanser, followed by a professional strength brightening acid exfoliating mask. A special skin lightening product is penetrated into the skin with a microcurrent ionization tool, then it is massaged in further with a vitamin-rich nourishing serum. A vitamin mask delivers a nutrient-rich formula that nourishes and restores suppleness to the skin. Our signature shoulder, arm and foot massage makes this a complete pampering treat! Skin texture is improved, hyperpigmentation is reduced and skin hydration is drastically improved.

Minus 10 Facial-60 Mins/$125

MINUS 10 FACIAL is all about infusing the skin with actives that will stimulate, repair and rejuvenate skin tissue. Actives that will firm and tone communicate to cells to produce more collagen, giving skin a luminous glow and buoyant, younger-looking appearance.

Hibiscus Anti-Aging Facial- 60 Mins/$105

Vibrant skin blooms with Rhonda Allison’s Hibiscus Flower Facial.  But don’t let

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the flowers fool you- this is an ultra hydrating Facial that merges the strength of flower acids for moisturizing and lightening benefits, vital antioxidants for free radical protection, and essential nutrients for skin health. Hibiscus fights the signs of aging and brightens skin tone while improving cell regeneration.

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